Web Application & Maintainance

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Web Application and Maintainance

iPOP offers website maintenance services as part of our Value Added Services. We appreciate the fact that in order for the website to function, it needs to be regularly updated to ensure there is fresh content or information. We have a dedicated team that ensures that all your information is keyed on time. This ensures that your website has a fresh updated look as compared to a static website.

Application maintenance is the most critical part of any business. As needs for business change constantly, application deployed to manage business also needs to accommodate business changes as well as additional features are required to be developed. It is also a challenge for an application outsourcing service provider to work on an existing business critical system. Over the time, we have developed process which understands importance of critical business applications, thus Zestard assists you not only in customized application development but also maintaining them which ensures smooth operations and reduces the cost of redeveloping and redeploying applications.

    We Offers :

  • On-going Support(bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution, on-call support)
  • Adaptive Enhancements(modifications to support business or technical requirements' changes)
  • Upgrades(new functionality/features)
  • Technical Improvements (optimization, restructuring/rewriting)